“Viahera” or “Viajera” pronounced as Vee-ya-he-ra translates to "Female traveler" in Spanish, was founded by Jeanny Buan in Saskatoon, Canada. 

Jeanny is a model, beauty pageant titleholder television host, traveler, blogger, events planner, public speaker, and an advocate for empowering and educating women.

Viahera’s vision is to inspire women of all colour, size, and nationality from all over the world to dress up more, laugh more, explore more, and LIVE more. In so doing, create a world where no child or family is deprived of adventure by supporting education in third world countries.

Each product is handcrafted by Indigenous women from the Philippines. Viahera bags are created by women from Basey who lost their livelihood from typhoon Haiyan in 2013, while Viahera scarves are woven by women from the Cordillera who had the skill passed on from one generation to another.



Growing up, Jeanny’s family life was conservative and traditional, with a blend of Filipino, Chinese and Spanish culture. She was taught that education was the sole key to success, so she practically lived for school. Life was tough! Their home would only have water three days a week so they have to fill up big tanks in order to have enough supply for 10 people in the household. She grew up not having a microwave, dishwasher nor a shower in her bathroom.

As Jeanny grew, so did her curiosity about the world. She used to sneak out of the house to simply go for a walk, play with her friends or climb rocks nearby - and end up hurting herself because she was rushing to get home before anyone noticed she had left. 

She longed to travel and change the world! It was in her university years that she was able to spread her wings like a free bird; exploring new cities, trying out exotic delicacies, working out and testing her body to its limits. Loving every minute of it - the rush, the thrill, and the thought of simply getting lost to discover things on her own.

Jeanny was 23 when she moved to Canada and first learned to ride a bicycle (yes, a bicycle!!), something most children do before they are 10 years old. It was then she told herself, if she can learn how to bike, she can do anything!

Baby steps turned into a full-on-run, as before she knew it she was taking on more daring adventures. Jeanny has hiked and camped in the wintertime while it’s -20C, played underwater hockey and underwater football, taken on modeling contracts, and hosted her own Lifestyle TV Show. She has gone to the most beautiful places on earth and talked to random strangers on airplanes who share an unwavering passion for life.


She always wanted to make a difference but did not know how, when and where. Since childhood, she had a vision of giving back to her community so that there will be lesser kids who will go through the same childhood as her.

Jeanny always had a strong opinion about how products that she and her fellow travellers use contribute to the damaging effects to the environment. In 2013, there were two disasters that changed her perception about the world: typhoon Haiyan that devastated Philippines and left over 10,000 people dead and the factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed over 1,000 employees. These disasters and the damaging effects of the products she used to  purchase ALL the time, led to the idea of creating a fashion brand that could be a part of the solution. VIAHERA WAS BORN.

So come and join Viahera as we change the world one adventure at a time!