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Commitment to Education

Viahera believes in empowering youth through education. Proceeds from all products fund students' tuition fee and an activity of their choice in the Philippines, who were personally interviewed by the company's owner during her visit to the country.

Aside from this, Viahera is also the official partner of ASPECT which stands for Advanced Speaking Centre, the first English Speaking School in the remote island of Tongkuno, Indonesia. As of September 2018, over 100 students aged 5-18 are able to learn English, receive school supplies and study in newly built classrooms.

Thank you for helping us make this possible!

Pines City High School
Pines City National High School


Commitment to Saskatchewan

For the whole month of January and February, you can get your Red Cross Pink shirt from our store located at 414 33rd Street West, Saskatoon. In addition, $5.00 from the sale of any pink bag will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross Bullying Prevention Program.

It has already been 10 years since two boys chose to take action against bullying behaviour by encouraging their peers to wear pink. Their actions sparked a world-wide movement shedding light on the issues surrounding bullying and inspiring others to Be Someone’s Hero by speaking up when they see bullying happening. Since then, over 233,000 people in Saskatchewan have participated in Red Cross Pink Day celebrations. We encourage you to join us this year and help change the culture around bullying in our province!

For more information, visit the Red Cross Pink Day here!

Red cross pink day

Viahera is a proud supporter of the United Way of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan Lung Association